Quaint and Cosy is a keepsake and decor company based in Plymouth, UK. Their main passion is creating keepsakes including memory blankets, keepsake animals and memory cushions which allows customers to cherish a physical item, reminding them of the happy moments in their lives with loved ones. 

The brand was created in 2017 when Sammie the owner of Quaint and Cosy fell pregnant with her first child, the decision was made to turn her hobby and passion for sewing into a business. As a military family a flexible career was required that allowed work around family life, while being able to raise their children and having the ability to move around the country. Fast forward a few years and they are now a family of five, two cheeky children and a furry one too. 


"I pride myself on providing unique pieces, of the highest quality, with outstanding attention to detail" - Sammie

Here at Quaint and Cosy we care about the planet so all of our packaging is eco-friendly. Some of the ways we are trying to reduce our plastic waste and carbon footprint are:
  • Plastic free mail bags
  • Recycled cardboard boxes
  • Biodegradable packaging peanuts
  • British wool stuffing
  • Cotton blanket wadding
  • Wooden buttons on keepsakes
  • Cotton backed blankets
  • Wooden beads
  • Ethically cured driftwood
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