The Meadow Memories collection is created using a mix of loved ones clothing and cotton. They are hand finished with embroidered facial features, blush cheeks and a choice of clothing created using customer clothing. There's an option to have a single word or name embroidered on the arm. 


• Doll, Bunny, Bear, Fawn or Fox

• 5 cotton base colours

• 5 yarn hair choices

• 3-4 items of clothing required

• Dungarees or *skirt

• The option to add freckles, moles and scars to the dolls


*Skirt requires a larger piece of fabric 5"x12”


Please leave a note on the hair style you would like for the doll.


For more info see below. 

Meadow Memories

  • All materials and packaging free from plastic

    Base fabric- Cotton Kona

    Hair- Mohair/silk

    Embroidery thread- Cotton

    Interfacing- Cotton

    Stuffing- Wool